Food Broker and Manufacturer Representative

  JAL Trading is your link between top manufacturers and distributors in the region providing for great quality at the best prices.


  We provide a complete and thorough logistical service for all our clients to ensure a proper administrative process and a prompt delivery from continental US or PR.


  Profit, quality and excellence are some of the common goals JAL Trading shares with its clients and suppliers.  As a Food Service Broker, JAL Trading shares a vested interest in the success of every single partner we represent. This is the reason our operation is streamlined for open and continuous communication and effective execution.


  This translates into a passion for customer service, diligence and attention to detail. We represent some of the top manufacturers and brands for one simple reason: Our impeccable prestige.  JAL Trading understands the value of your company as well as your product’s image.  Therefore we take ownership of such important asset and make it one of our top priorities.